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The first thing to realize when dealing with car sickness is that in 95 percent of cases it is stress related and not motion related. The most powerful memory imprint of any dog’s brain is probably the car ride when it was taken away from all it ever new to be safe and secure, its litter mates and its mother. The most traumatic memory a young dog has is in relation to a ride in a car. So it’s not surprising that subsequent rides in a car should evoke very strong mental and subsequent physical trauma.

How do I help?

First, sit in your car in the driveway and invite your dog in with a treat, pet, and praise,then let him get out. You want to associate only positive things with the car ride. Next, just take a ride around the block. When you get home give your dog a treat, play, end it with fun!
If the dog has been sick in a car then estimate how long it was in the car before it was sick, say 20 minutes? Find a park about 5-10 minutes from home, preferably one just around the corner, even one within walking distance that the dog has been to before…. but this time drive there. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone else in the car too, to soothe the dog and distract him from the ride. Keep him happy all the way to the park. When at the park do all the enjoyable things that the dog loves, fetch the ball, chase the Frisbee, etc. The stay at the park doesn’t need to be that long…. just as enjoyable as possible. Then drive the dog home soothing him all the way again and when home make just as much fuss of the dog as you did at the park. Finish the session with his meal or a treat if time and conditions permit. You want to associate only positive things with the car ride.

This exercise is repeated several times a day or daily if time is limited. Once the dog is enthusiastic to go in the car then the length of the trip is lengthened slightly to 10-15 minutes etc. Once you can drive with the dog for 30 minutes with no signs of stress or anxiety then you have the problem pretty much licked. Some dogs may take a little longer than others. The idea is for as many happy repetitions as possible to overwrite the initial mental imprint the dog has from whatever caused the initial trauma. If you have rescued a dog it is likely it had several bad experiences with a car, possibly dropped off by those it trusted, then picked up by a stranger or animal control. Very traumatic events for the dog. It may take longer to build that trust again. Patience and love is the answer.
Rescue Remedy(www.rescueremedy.com) is an anti-anxiety spray or liquid that helps dogs get past events that cause them anxiety, car ride, thunderstorms, etc. I have used it successfully on my horses and dogs. In severe cases you may want to try this. It is organic and not harmful to your dogs, you can even take it to ease your anxiety! What we don’t realize is that it is our anxiety that transfers to the dog and makes his worse.(you’re thinking:”oh, no, i’ve got to take princess to class, i hope she doesn’t throw up in the car etc”) Your dog senses that and creates more anxiety (“oh, no, mom is worried about the car ride too!)

Try it, it works on most dogs. There are dogs who get sick due to other problems, and this didn’t work. A trip to the vet after the method failed brought the problem to the surface.
Let me know what you would like to hear about in future blogs!
Happy Car Riding!
Vicki at Purple Paws

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How to Dog-Proof Your House – Paw Nation.

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Dogs all over are scratching and itching right now. Several causes, fleas, dry skin, and contact allergies. Believe it or not, dogs can actually be allergic to grass! The natural way to deal with these are: wash your dog more frequently with a non-soap shampoo. Soap dries the dogs skin, so if you wash with these shampoos which have soaps and perfumes in them, while they smell nice, will actually make your dogs problem worse. Hypo-allergenic, oatmeal and baking soda will do the trick. Next, add Olive oil to your dogs food daily. The Omega-3’s will help your dogs skin and coat as well as being healthy for their insides!  Add Brewers Yeast and Garlic to their food to provide a natural antibiotic effect and repel fleas. Finally, add Pro-Biotics to their diet to help build a healthy immune system.

Your dogs diet could be the source of the itching. Feed a dog food that contains no corn, wheat, or beef, no artificial preservatives, flavors,or fillers. Shop the organic aisle of your local Pet store. Dogs can have allergies to these things and the only way they can tell you is scratch!

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Hi All, I train dogs everyday. Obedience training is important. But just as important is the enviroment in which your pet lives in. We’ve all heard how harmful alot of our cleaning products are for us and our children.  Cleaning products are one of the main causes of asthma in young children today. What does clean smell like to you? What was your answer? Actually, clean has no smell. The smell you associate with clean is that of the cleaner you are using. It is actually the chemicals that make up that smell that are so harmful to you, your family and your pets.  Our pets are being overloaded with chemicals.  Flea control,bath products, medicines, chemicals in our flooring and furnishings, and our cleaning products.  Your pets live and breathe at floor level.  Think of what they are inhaling and lying on everyday!  Our pets liver was not made to handle all these chemicals. The result is allergy reactions in dogs and early death.  We love our pets, so let’s Green up our homes to take care of them and in the process you will be healthier too!  http://news.aol.com/story/a/high-chemical-levels-found

The EPA is currently studying Flea and Tick preventives and their toxic effects on dogs and cats, please talk to your Vet before purchasing any product.     www.nytimes.com/2009/06/17/health/17pets.html

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